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Ningxia Red in Feb!

Adapted from notes by Young Living Diamond, Sarah Harnisch

Taking care of your skin is more than simply applying serums and creams.

Beauty is more than skin deep & caring for your skin starts with some of your body’s most basic functions.

Keeping your skin at its best also requires proper sun protection, plenty of sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet that includes a variety of vitamins and minerals.

In February I am offering a FREE sachet of Ningxia Red with every booking. Read on to find out more about this fantastic super drink.

Ningxia Red contains wolfberries - a perfect super food that will support energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body function. The powerful antioxidants contained in wolf berries assist with overall wellness.

Ningxia Red is made up of a wolfberry puree - a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plumb juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, enhanced with orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

Watch a short video on what Young Living has to say about Ningxia Red

The Science Behind Why Ningxia Works: 7 Quick Reasons

Reason 1: Antioxidants

The Ningxia Wolfberry has the ability to deliver all the micro and macro nutrients that are bioavailable to the cells of your body. Antioxidants play a huge role in ageing, memory arthritis, inflammation and so much more! Ningxia Red is readily and highly absorbed by our bodies.

Reason 2: Acid to Alkaline

Wolfberry assists to keep your pH neutral, its acid binding and alkaline forming.

Reason 3: Free Radicals

Unlike many other drinks which are heavily processed, the Ningxia wolf berry is protected all the way to the bottle. Ningxia fights the excess free radicals in our bodies that are one of the reasons we age, reasons we get wrinkly and feel tired.

Reason 4: Vitamin/Mineral Pairs

Ningxia wolf berry contains perfect ratios of minerals and vitamins, exactly the balance the body needs. Magnesium to Calcium 1:1, Zinc to Copper 2:1 and Potassium to Magnesium 8:1

Reason 5: It's a Macronutrient

The nutrients in Ningxia Red are whole food nutrients direct from the plant, a food based source. Your body will process it easier and you'll absorb more of what you're eating, even more so as it's a liquid.

Reason 6: It's Infused with Essential Oils

The 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in Ningxia increase the absorption rate with the tiny oils acting as a delivery system for the larger molecules.

Reason 7: It Has the Right Sugar and the Right Enzymes

But sugar is bad, right? Not all sugar. NingXia has the right sugar to open the door to your cell. When our cell membranes are 1) inflamed 2) oxidized 3) toxic 4) lacking in mitochondrial function to energize the receptors to open and close—we have no energy. NingXia’s sugars open the door to our cells so good information can get passed to them. It crosses the lipid layer of the cell and passes inside. Only 8 sugars on the earth can open the door. NingXia has 4 of the 8, naturally.

Enzymes. By age 40, you start losing digestive enzymes in the gut. Ningxia is loaded with the right enzymes to help you break food down and get the nutrients out of what you eat.

Watch a short 5 minute video on how the cells react to protect your body with Ningxia Red

Some Strange and Wonderful Ways to Use Ningxia

NingXia Shot recipes from Young Living corporate (all oils are Vitality oils):

Atomic fireball:

1 oz NingXia Red,

2 drop Cinnamon,

1 drop Ocotea

Mind Blaster:

30 ml NingXia Red,

1 drop Lime,

1 drop Peppermint,

1 drop Lemon,

1 drop Copaiba (or Frankencense),

1 drop Cinnamon Bark

Hot Flash:

30 ml NingXia Red,

2 drops Cinnamon Bark,

2 drops Peppermint;


30 ml NingXia Red,

1 drop Sacred Frankincense,

1 drop Orange,

1 drop Lime, 1 drop Tangerine, 1 drop Copaiba, 1 drop Citrus Fresh, 1 drop Lemon;

Cimply Smooth: 30 ml NingXia Red, 2 drops Tangerine, 2 drops Lime, 1 drop Stress Away (or Sacred Frankincense)

As a mouthwash and for mild sores on the tongue, gum or cheeks—just swish

NingXia Gargle: good for an occasional sore throat

Make NingXia tea: heat one cup of water, add 30 ml of NingXia Red. Sip as you would a tea.

NingXia poultice: Select a gauze pad. Add a tablespoon to the cloth. Put a heat or cold pack behind it. Apply to the spot directly for a few hours.

Ningxia Wolfberry paste: Pour an ounce of juice onto a plate. Let it sit for a few hours. As the water evaporates, it will get sticky and gooey—apply that to a wounded area.

NingXia abdominal conditioner: I like to use this to get things moving. Add to Genesis Hand and Body Lotion and massage over your abdomen, just under your ribs to your hips. Move in large clockwise circles over your large intestine.

NingXia lotion: add 1 tsp of Wolfberry juice to a small amount of Rose Ointment or Genesis Hand and Body Lotion.

NingXia for your ears: add a few drops of the juice on a cotton swab and swab on the inside of your ear (not deep). Your ears will feel clean. Wolfberry juice has a naturally occurring compound that can dissolve or loosen waxy substances.

NingXia enema: Add warm water to an enema bottle. Add 1 tablespoon to 30 ml of NingXia. Lay on your right side, insert the applicator and squeeze liquid into your colon. Hold for at least 7 minutes, longer is better. It takes 7 minutes for the blood to circulate through your body.

Finger or toe soak: Soap the finger or toe in undiluted NingXia Red for a few minutes. Massage the juice into your skin.

NingXia massage: When you get your next massage, take a 15 ml of V-6 with you, and add 30-60 ml of NingXia to it. Have them do the massage with this mixture.

NingXia nail and cuticle treatment: (good for broken or brittle nails, hangnails, or breaks in the skin). Dip half a cotton ball in a small bowl of NingXia until it’s dripping wet. Press onto injured area and let sit for 30 minutes or overnight.

NingXia scalp application: place one tablespoon of NingXia in a small dish. Wrap a towel around your head and shoulders to protect your clothing. Massage the juice into your scalp. (I like to use a small plastic squirt bottle for this to get it into my roots). Let it sit on your skin for at least 15 minutes before showering.

Ningxia frozen snacks: NingXia doesn’t freeze entirely. So if you put the packets in the freezer, they’ll come out like slushies. It’s pretty amazing. Likewise, if you want frozen NingXia, you can add some water to it and put it in trays. The little cubes feel amazing on bumps, bruises, cuts and blisters.

NingXia gummies: 1 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice

1/2 cup NingXia Red 5 tbsp grass-fed gelatin (my favorite is Great Lakes brand) 2 tbsp organic maple syrup or raw honey4 drops Orange essential oil 2 drops Lemon essential oil

In a saucepan, heat the NingXia and maple syrup or honey. Add gelatin until it’s fully dissolved, no clumps. Add oils and pour into a silicone mold. Let harden (3-4 hours on the counter, or 10 minutes in the freezer)

I would love the opportunity to let you try Ningxia Red and to answer any more questions you might have. Remember, February (2020) bookings receive a FREE sachet of Ningxia Red.

Please contact me on 0400 379 276 or direct message me via facebook (while you're there, please like my page!). Subscribe below to stay in touch.

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